About OFX Home

OFX Home is developed and maintained by Jesse Liesch (email: my first name at this address). My motivation for starting this site arose from my initial frustrations of writing a simple OFX application. Despite the "O" in OFX standing for Open, there is little freely available information about OFX on the internet. I have a few hopes for OFX Home:

  • It will assist people in finding information about their bank or brokerage's OFX server
  • Increase the ability of free/low budget finance packages to download OFX data
  • Create a community that will assist OFX users and developers for many years to come


The roadmap for supporting the OFX Community:

  1. Grow the community through the forums and OFX Directory
  2. Extend OFX Home based on user feedback
  3. Develop a robust open source OFX downloading program
  4. Eventually develop an automated OFX downloading framework


Several technologies make OFX Home work:


Much thanks goes to Jeremy Jongsma. His website contains much useful information for OFX developers. Without his previous efforts OFX Home would not exist.

The forum theme was created by Alexey Shcherbacov. The theme serves as the basis for the site's graphical design.