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I am now getting permission denied errors as well sad, looking into it


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Still working for me.


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All, as of May 7th er so my connection stopped working again.

They changed the account # format, its no longer your card number at all, its an obfuscated version of it like this format


the last 4 #'s were my account's last 4, but i didnt recognize all the other ones.

I got this id from moneydance's 'setup online banking', which im sure does the whole ofx register account flow.


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@robler removing the user-agent header didn't work for me, still getting the forbidden message.

could you show a full request payload to ofx.discovercard.com


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also getting a 403 for this as of feb 21.  Hopefully they are not discontinuing it, will update the thread if i find anything.


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If anyone is still connecting to discover with ofx they recently (like 3 days ago from this post) gave out new account numbers. I have been using custom software that i wrote for the past 3 years and it finally broke. Once i requested an account list from them i found out i have a new card number!

When I updated my software with the new account number, data began flowing again.

For anyones info who needs this info the following also happened. Before the new account number i was able to connect, but every transaction had a credit for the same amount. On the new number the transactions are available and correct however the fitids were not shared between both accounts so i got 5 days of duplicate data because i request last 10 days every update. Ive removed the old duplicates and forsee no future problems with discover card and ofx (its been working great the past couple years).


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for anyone else trying to get usaa to work, ive recently had success with the following

username is your usaa id number, found in the website
password is your regular pin number that the website asks you for so often

account number needs to be 10 digits, so 0 pad it
with the above i was able to connect on 3-20-13


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I cannot find settings for this bank anywhere. It says it should support quicken/quickbooks, but it may just mean through csv sad.


anyone know where i can search for settings for this bank, or generic info for banks who use fundsxpress?

EDIT: i found some info and tried connecting, but now im getting an error with unknown fid, the thing is that i got the fid from a .qbo export directly from the bank that is in ofx format


        <MESSAGE>Unknown FI '16785'.</MESSAGE>
        <ORG>FundsXpress Financial Network</ORG>
        <MESSAGE>Signon invalid</MESSAGE>