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We have written one code to send request to banks with userid,password,accountno,routing no,FID and we are sending request to corresponding banks by taking links and FID from following URL :


We are able to get data from WELLS FARGO bank using following details

URL: https://ofxdc.wellsfargo.com/ofx/process.ofx
FID: 12721

But we are not able to get details for following banks :

Chase Bank & Scot Trade
When we have to use Chase Bank and Scot Trade details are as :
Chase Bank :
URL: https://www.oasis.cfree.com/1601.ofxgp
ORG: Chase Bank
FID: 1601
Scot Trade :
URL: https://ofxstl.scottsave.com
ORG: Scottrade
FID: 777
There we are getting error