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Has anyone ever resolved this issue of whether a CC-only account holder can retrieve data with the listed URL?


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Thank you, humblepie.  I didn't realize the bankid was the routing number; and in some cases Wells Fargo checking may be in Wells Fargo Advisors accounts where, I assume a BASTMT might apply to a Wells Fargo Advisors site.  But, with your good work I should be able to work thru the permutations.


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Humble Pie,  Thanks for the helpful post.  Could you post fiorg, fid, url and bankid for Wells Fargo Bank (checking, etc) and Wells Fargo Advisors (investments)?  I have good success with Vanguard, AMEX, etc, but can't seem to get Wells Fargo ofx to Money Sunset.  I must be close, cause I got an autoresponse email saying "thanks for signing up" from WellsFargo.