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Using PocketSense here... this hasn't worked for me for a couple months now. I've tried several work arounds. Any updates?


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It has been working fine for me using the following details:

    SiteName   : Citi Credit Card
    AcctType   : CCSTMT     #credit card
    fiorg      : Citigroup
    fid        : 24909
    url        : https://www.accountonline.com/cards/svc … Manager.do
    bankid     :
    brokerid   :
    ofxVer     : 103
    appid      : QWIN
    appver     : 2400
    timeOffset :

Update: WPCU uses ofxdi.diginsite.com/cmr/cmr.ofx. I noticed that other users having the same issue changed the address to ofxdc.prd1.ncr.com/cmr/cmr.ofx and it corrected the problem. This worked for WPCU, too.