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Hi Jesse,

I'm interested, but I'd want to see the code first, can you publish it on github?  I'd be more inclined to port it to node.js since I'm more familiar with that, and I want to simplify the "forum" side of it since I didn't see a lot of useful discussions happening there anyway.  I would recommend switching all the forum activity to a "github" issues list and let github host all that functionality for us.  You can email me at lovettsoftware.com where my email alias is 'chris'.  I also have a website at lovettsoftware.com where I also have a link to a full money program I wrote with a friend that uses ofxhome.com, see https://github.com/clovett/MyMoney.net/wiki.

Yep, I called them and they said they made a change last week moving to "direct connect" supporting only Quicken, QuickBooks and eMoney.

Seems like lots of Banks are dropping their OFX support, which really sucks.  We should start a citizen initiated referendum to force banks to comply with existing open standards!

Picket lines outside Discover headquarters anyone?