nereocystis wrote:

And connectivity was just turned on again today. It's back to normal.

Unfortunately, the support staff is given incorrect information, which they pass on to members.

Exactly what I was going to post!
Patelco support are clueless.

The server response is awful slow, but better than manual.

jeanl wrote:

As of today, I'm not able to connect to Patelco (was working great yesterday).
Wondering if others have seen the same issue.
It's not even an authentication issue, I just get "Connection refused"

I'm using ofxclient, but I don't think that's relevant.
Anybody else?

The server is unreachable. You can see here that it is not just us. I'm to tired to call Patelco. … istory/460

jeanl wrote:

Downloading from Patelco takes a *long* time for me.

Two minutes sounds long. I just timed KMyMoney OFX Patelco import twice. I have the settings set for the last 60 days of transactions. It took 50 seconds the first time and 45 seconds the second. This is Saturday morning. I will try next week in the morning (Tuesday, Monday is MLK) and see how these response times compare.

nereocystis wrote:

For downloading OFX
Patelco needs account number and the call 24 pin

Not the standard web site login

Hi nereocystis: I was able to get my broken Patelco OFX working again just by logging into and changing my username and password. I do not know why it worked but it did.

jeanl wrote:

Let us know what you find out...

Solved. Thank you Jean! Patelco never told me to update my username and password. Since I could log in to online banking and OFX worked for years it did not occur to me that the OFX server lost my credentials.

The super irritating part is that two different Patelco representatives insisted that OFX support was discontinued, specifically in November 2019.

Thanks again, Jean.

For anyone else having Patelco OFX problems, log in to the website and change your username and password. It worked for me.

Thank you Jean! I will try it when I get home and report back. I really appreciate you taking the time.

jeanl wrote:

I'm able to download from Patelco using the info in ofxhome...

Hi jeanl: Can you give me specifics on how you are providing the patelco credentials?

I've tried many many combinations of

<website user id>
<website password>
<8 digit checking account number>
<Call 24 pin>

and I get the error 15500 (bad login) on all of them. I'm using KMyMoney. It worked for ten years and just recently stopped.

Thank you!

Thanks @nereocystis. I just discovered this too.