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This is for their banking only.  For their brokerage accounts, use:

FI Id: 24592
FI Url:
FI Broker Id:  USAA.COM
OFX Version:  1.02

New institution request submitted as well.

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I am trying to configure an OFX connection to my USAA checking account in GnuCash.  I launch the AqBanking Setup Wizard to do this and I am able to create a user, but when I go to create the account, I get stuck on IBAN.  USAA says they do not have IBAN, but the app will not let me out without a "valid" IBAN". 

Has anyone successfully set up online banking with USAA using GnuCash?  Is there a way to fake out the IBAN value?  What does a "valid" value look like?

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I've started getting numerous reports this week the OFX is not working for USAA bank. I've been trying to test it and I just keep getting a 403 Forbidden error message. Can anyone confirm that USAA is working for them still?

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for anyone else trying to get usaa to work, ive recently had success with the following

username is your usaa id number, found in the website
password is your regular pin number that the website asks you for so often

account number needs to be 10 digits, so 0 pad it
with the above i was able to connect on 3-20-13

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I am trying to connect to "USAA Investment Mgmt Co" through GnuCash 2.6.1. I use the following setup:

UserName: my USAA id number (padded with sufficient 0s to make it a 10-digit string)
UserID: the same as UserName
BankName: USAA Investment Mgmt Co
Broker Id:  USAA.COM
FID: 24592
Server Url:
Header Version: 102

It connects to the server. However, I keep getting the error "HTTP-Status: 400 (Bad Request)". Any suggestions?


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I just set this up for USAA bank.

For OFXv1, USAA is only accepting versions 1.0.2 and 1.5.1; the elements can't have closing tags (i.e. XML-style <TAG>text</TAG> won't parse for OFXv1).  They're also accepting OFXv2.0 and 2.0.2, which is a better choice.

ORG="USAA", FID="24591" for the bank.

Username is USAA left zero-padded to 9 digits (not 10; that doesn't work).
Password is 4-digit PIN, as used on the website and phone service.

BANKID="314074269" (their ABA routing #).

This works currently.

I don't have investment accounts with them to check.