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I persist in being unable to get a connection with this info.  I keep getting a 15500 error.  Can anyone confirm success with Citizens Bank?

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It's really hard to get useful information from them unless you use Quicken, but it turns out you explicitly need to be enrolled for direct connect to work.  It uses a name and password different from their web access.  There is a charge (currently $3.95/month) which is waived for certain types of accounts. I'll try again after getting enrolled.

Re: Citizens Bank - Consumer

Well,  I've finally gotten back to this.  I have explicitly enrolled the account for direct access, and received a separate userid and password, but still no luck in connecting.  Is there anybody out there who has succeeded in connecting to Citizens Bank?  (This is in Connecticut, consumer part of the bank, but I've tried all the variations I can think of.)

Obviously the help desk can't tell me anything at all except what buttons to push in Quicken.  I suppose I could find someone with Quicken and trace the packets of a connection to find the URL, ORG, and FID, but I would really hope there is an easier way.

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I got lucky today and managed to talk to a tech person at the bank who actually understands and cares.  It turns out the problem is that this access is set up to require you to change the password the first time you use it.  He configured my account to think I had changed the password, and it now works fine.  So - does anyone know any FOSS software  which can change a password, and is it even in the spec?  The person at the bank said he is pretty sure several apps other than Quicken are successfully used for OFX direct connect, so it's not likely just a proprietary addition to the standard.  (I have not yet gone digging into the standard or libOFX, in case it's actually obvious.)

Thanks for any pointers or suggestions.