Topic: Quicken 2007 Mac "Direct Connect"

I have been trying unsuccessfully for several years to find a Visa card/account that offers "Direct Connect" downloads directly into Quicken 2007 for the Mac, just like AMEX does.  Most bank customer service or online banking support people either have no clue what I'm asking, or, worse, are in some other country and, well, we don't communicate very well.

So, here are the specific questions I have:

1. What, precisely, should I ask a bank to determine if they do this?

2. Is the right question, "Does your bank support OFX downloads?"

3. Can anyone point me to one or more banks that offer what I'm looking for?  A bank in the Dallas/Fort Worth area would be best.


Re: Quicken 2007 Mac "Direct Connect"

Good luck talking to the bank.  I think this is a pain point for them, because they shell out a lot of money for server-side software, about which they have no clue - at least that's how they're trained to respond.  And you know banks don't like spending money.  If you're serious, I'd start at the OFX Home directory to find a bank.  They're out there, you just need to know where to look.
Is it wise to restrict the bank to be in Dallas?  Many people have banks where they've never been (e.g. Switzerland).