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I get an error saying "Invalid Account ID" but it works fine for me in MS Money.  The same ID and pw work for my Fidelity NetBenifits.  Any help would be appreciated?

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Hi Matt,

Just to be sure I understand you correctly: You can get data from Fidelity NetBenefits but not from Fidelity?  In MS Money you are able to get data from each of them using the same account and password?  Does MS Money require you to enter your account number or does it determine it automatically?

Since I don't have a fidelity account this is not something that I can directly help with.  What I can do is enable a debug mode that will display the output from Fidelity and that should help us determine what is going on.  If you are still interested in making this work we can communicate through email.

-- jesse

Re: Fidelity Investments

OFX params for Fidelity and Fidelity netbenifts are different ... i think u are using the same OFX params thats why you are getting the Invalid Error ... Because I had this issue and it got worked after inserting the correct params for Fidelity....  use the Params bellow for fidelity .. I hope this will help you

VER:  102
ORG: fidelity.com
FID  :  7776
URL:  https://ofx.fidelity.com/ftgw/OFX/clients/download

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