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Topic: Slavie Federal Savings Bank


I'm trying to setup online banking with gnucash but my bank is very small, only two branches, and I can't seem to find the OFX information.  I need the FID, ORG, Broker Id, and Server URL.  I've tried their customer service but they don't seem to know that this information even exists.  They just tell me that online banking is available through their website.  Does anyone know of a way to find this information?  The post at http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX_Direct … k_Settings says this information can be gathered by a script that is available at http://www.jongsma.org/gc/bankinfo/getfidata.sh.gz but that site seems to be offline.  I was also not able to find a copy of that script anywhere.

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Edit - I was able to find the FID.  That part was actually pretty easy.  I just viewed the source of the online banking page and found this line, "fidetails=Slavie+Federal+Savings+Bank+-+39042'"  I was still not able to find any of the other information I need.

Re: Slavie Federal Savings Bank

At a coworker's suggestion, I tried setting up Mint.  They had all the financial information for my bank so I'm switching.  I was never able to find the info that gnucash needs.