Topic: How to set up channel level security?

Can anybody provide any pointers on setting up OFX channel level security in a Visual Studio.NET application?  The OFX specs say that clients need to use the appropriate encryption algorithm CipherSuites and share a root certificate with the server.  I'm a little lost with this terminology.  Any tips you can provide would be great.  Thanks.

Re: How to set up channel level security?

After studying this more, I'm starting to get the feeling that the only way to submit OFX requests is with HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse.  I understand that this automatically uses SSL if the url is https.  However, this doesn't seem to have any certificate authentication functionality, and I'm not sure if any encryption is happening.  It seems that the SSLStream class, which does have certificate authentication, is not used for sending to a url (only to IP addresses or named servers).  Does anybody know if HttpWebRequest with SSL is considered sufficiently secure to send usernames and passwords?