Topic: Getting <PINCHTRNRQ> to work

I signed up for Direct Connect with my bank (US Bank) and got the requisite userid and password to use, and when I send a sign-on request, I get back a "15000" response -- which means I need to change my password.  Does anybody know exactly how this needs to be done? Where should the <PINCHTRNRQ> go in a new request?  The spec says this:

    "The client sends a request to change the customer password as a separate request from the signon."

I've tried adding it as part of the <SIGNONMSGSRQV1> just after the <SIGNONRQ> and a couple other places as well, but I keep getting an Error 400 back.  I assume the message I send needs to contain the OFX header and the original <SIGNONRQ>, but maybe this is wrong.

The spec's only example of using <PINCHTRNRQ> doesn't provide enough context to know exactly where the pin-change request needs to go (or what goes with it) to get around this error.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Re: Getting <PINCHTRNRQ> to work

I had the same issue, but when I added <TRNUID>xxx after <PINCHTRNRQ> the request was successful.

Here is what I sent:

Re: Getting <PINCHTRNRQ> to work

Hi Ben,
Thanks for replying and for your suggestion.  I wonder if you could provide the entire request string you sent (minus personal data of course)?  I'm still getting the Error 400, so my problem must be elsewhere.  Here is what I'm sending:


<ORG>US Bank

Re: Getting <PINCHTRNRQ> to work

Never mind -- found my problem, and ultimately got a full response from US Bank via OFX for a month's worth of transactions.  Whee!