Topic: Getting Historical Position Information (Fidelity Investments)

Hello - I am trying to see what my positions look like as of a specified date. By changing <DTSTART> in <INCTRAN> in the request, I am able to do this for transactions. Applying the same method to <DTASOF> in <INCPOS> does not appear to work for positions. No matter what, the OFX response <DTASOF> is always equal to the current date/time. Is there something wrong in my request, or is this a shortcoming of the Fidelity OFX server? The response below returns transaction information starting 9/1/2011, but position information as of today.

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Re: Getting Historical Position Information (Fidelity Investments)

I double checked that <DTASOF> is a valid tag inside of <INCPOS>, and it is.  It is shown in section "Investment Statement Transaction Request <INVSTMTTRNRQ>", pgs 451-452.

<DTASOF> is however not in bold, which means it is optional to support.  I have never tried this, but if this is returning successfully with data except positions are current, then concluding that this is not supported at your broker is highly likely.

See here to get a zipped PDF of the 2.1.1 spec