Topic: Integration with KMyMoney and a new moderator

Hello OFX Home users,

I'm happy to announce that the open source software KMyMoney now uses the OFX Home database and web service.  Here is the KMyMoney announcement:

Inzolo has volunteered to help monitor these forums.  Thanks, inzolo!


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Re: Integration with KMyMoney and a new moderator

Can somebody tell me why NONE of the Scandinavian Banks are listed in OFX home? We should do something about that! I'll be working with it, but nice if somebody helps!

One hour later (date: 25.06.2016 - 15:22 pm GMT):
I have just about NOW sent an invitation to 155 Norwegian Banks to register in OFX home.

Nasjonalministeren Eirik Hagen Goksor
<The National Minister On Norway>