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Hey, having problems with the citi credit card. Anyone know if this is working?

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CitiCard OFX hasn't worked for me for several months.

It looks like they changed something to their servlet so that accessing it gives a 403 (Forbidden) error.  Interestingly, trying to access any other *.do servlet (whether it exists, or not) doesn't produce the same error.  Instead, it gets 302 (Moved Temporarily) error and redirects to a "general error" site.  Note, accessing from a browser produces the same effect, but looking at the raw data shows the causes are different, possibly implying that is still around, but accessing it now requires some additional tokens/information (perhaps?).

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It has been working fine for me using the following details:

    SiteName   : Citi Credit Card
    AcctType   : CCSTMT     #credit card
    fiorg      : Citigroup
    fid        : 24909
    url        : …
    bankid     :
    brokerid   :
    ofxVer     : 103
    appid      : QWIN
    appver     : 2400
    timeOffset :

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Hmmm....well, I'm still unable to get it to work.  If I click on the url you posted (, I get an error.  If I try to do an ofx transaction (manually via KMyMoney, for example, although the details for "Citi Credit Card" are the same as what you posted), I still get the request failed error.

Is there something else you did that made it work?

In the meantime, I've just been downloading the statements/transactions in OFX format and importing them manually...

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FWIW, I am able to connect with the same OFX details ajpoe17 offered you.

You will get a general error if you try to navigate to the URL with a browser.