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As of 2018, the correct settings for OFX DirectConnect are:

  User Id and password: same as are used for logging in at

  Bank Settings:
    FID: 94089
    Server URL:


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mine stopped working several weeks back - is anybody having the same problem?

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Yeah it stopped working for me on Dec. 3 or 4. I've e-mailed on Dec. 4 but no reply yet. I'll ping them again.

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They replied today:

We are working to correct this issue.  It should be fixed soon.

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Definitely still failing for me. First noticed the problem in early December, 2019. Star One does say they are working on it, but it is a third party problem. Is it possible that I entered the wrong password once and I'm locked out?

Star One suggested that they problem may be intermittent

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Was able to fix this by changing the AppID and AppVER. Values of "QWIN" and "2600" (emulating Quicken 2017) work. The particular values that stopped working for me in December were "Money" and "1600".

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hi Fleminra

Does you starone ofx export still work with those settings today?:
    AcctType   : BASTMT     #starone cu
    fiorg      :
    fid        : 94089
    url        :
    bankid     : 321177968
    brokerid   :
    appid      : QWIN
    appver     : 2600
    mininterval: 7

Mine does not