Ofxget is a simple program that is used to download OFX files from financial institutions. Source code is released under a permissive BSD open source license. This is a safe and secure way to access your financial history because account information is sent directly to your financial institution. There are no 3rd parties involved.

Ofxget works in conjunction with OFX Home. Only institutions that have their information recorded in OFX Home's database can be accessed via ofxget. Ofxget is launched using Java web start:

Launch Ofxget

Ofxget is in its early stages of development. Current version is 0.1.1. Here is its planned development path:

  • Version 0.2: Bug fixes, release as open source
  • Version 0.3: Cosmetic improvements, tighter integration with ofxhome features: Check verification status and add institutions directly from ofxget application.
  • Version 0.5: Back end integration for on-line services such as Icarra.

Source code for version 0.1.1 is available for download here.

Documentation for the OFX Home Web API is available. The OFX Home Web API should be considered as under development and is subject to change at any moment without notice.