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Beginning in August of 2021 (6 months from now) OFX Home will go read only. In February of 2022 (one year from now) I will shut down OFX Home completely.

I have kept the site limping along but I haven't done any work on it in years. I think there are a lot of really cool things that could be done with it. But sadly I am not the person to do it.

If you are interested in taking over the site, please read me post here:


Thanks for reading.

I had a few nice discussions with potential owners but nothing worked out. Thanks to anyone who contacted me about this.

I expect to have some more time to develop this site in the coming weeks. Look for new and interesting changes.

My first goal is to finish a new ofx downloading tool that I've been working on.

Hello Dear Users,

I am looking for someone to take over ownership of OFX Home. I am happy to see that it still has value to many people despite the inadequate work I put into it. I hope that the site can thrive under a new owner.

I am not looking for monetary compensation. In fact I will stipulate that this site should never receive any revenue or earn money of any kind.

The handoff process will look like this:
1) Email me through the forum with a critique of the site. What would you improve over the next month and over the next year?
2) What are your developer credentials?
3) I will choose a potential new owner, ideally within the next two months (end of October).
4) I will grant the new owner development access for one month.
5) If the improvement identified in #1 is completed within one month then I will grant full access to the site.
6) If the site is well managed over the next 6 months then I will transfer the domain ownership completely. The site will be yours.

A few things to know:
- OFX Home is written in php using the code igniter framework.
- I would give the overall code quality a B-. It’s simple and very stable but not particularly elegant and lacks thorough testing.
- The site can run on a typical shared hosting platform. Requirements are minimal.

Feel free to ask additional questions or clarifications through email. I’m happy to discuss further.


Fixed. Thanks!

I can confirm the same behavior you see though. Accessing anything related to accounts seems to be broken. Your best bet is to contact USAA -- it is likely an issue with their OFX server.

The USAA OFX servers are responding when being profiled which means they'll still show as validating according to OFX Home. For example, this request succeeds:




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Can you describe what happens?

I checked again and the link https://m.macu.com/ofxserver/ofxsrvr.dll definitely works. I see a handful of failures in the validation history for Mountain America Credit Union. In particular there was one failure the day before your post. It's possible that their server is unreliable.

From what I've read it may not be possible to download the transactions directly from Santander. You'll probably have to log in to your account, then download the file manually. This link shows how: https://www.qipu.com.br/blog/exportar-ofx-do-santander/

Unfortunately that's all the help I can provide at this point. Good luck.


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Fixed. Thanks!

Updated. Thanks!

I can recommend using Capital One 360. Their rates are fairly competitive. We'll see what happens if/when interest rates go up.

After I finish some much needed maintenance on this site I've been considering developing an app that would act as an intermediary between banks and banking software. This way you would be fully in charge of your data and credentials. Financial software would only be able to access a safe read only version of your data using separate login data. It's likely many months away but I can get in touch with you once I'm ready for some initial testing if you're interested.


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It's been quite a while since I've made an update to this site. That will be changing shortly. I have several bug fixes available at:


The initial changes:
- Update to CodeIgniter 3
- Fixed a bug that caused OFX validation to hang indefinitely on some sites
- Improved duplicate server name detection
- Fixed several warnings

My next planned set of changes:
- Support deleting institutions that are duplicate or no longer functioning
- Add login for more advanced features
- Add support for flagging institution errors
- Add support for sharing fully working OFX requests for each institution

At the moment there is no easy way to do this. I have manually updated this information in the past. Since I've been too absent in the past few years this has been a serious problem.

Good news is that I have several updates in the pipeline and planned. My next post here should answer this.

Fixed. Thanks.


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This is fixed now. The api.php was a version out of date.

There is not much I can help with at this point.  The server is returning valid OFX data and that's the extent of what I can do on my end.  I would still recommend checking with your bank to make sure account access is enabled.  Even though the quicken software can access the data it does not mean you can.  Quicken may have a special arrangement in place.

I have two initial recommendations:

1) Try different  combinations of APPID and APPVER.  QWIN and 1900 have worked well for me.

2) Try accessing your account information, first.  Something like this will work:




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I added a notes tag and supplied a few institutions with the notes I have taken.  Here is an example:






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This is a great idea.  I've had to add extra comments to some brokerages telling users to enter their account number or other special instructions.  I'll implement this soon.



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This is fantastic.  Nice job and be sure to let me know if you need anything.



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Can you try org = "T. Rowe Price" (no quotes) and fid = 40109?



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That is a valid question.  There are a few things we do:

1) Check that the submitted URL responds with a valid OFX response
2) Check that the URL has a valid certificate, generally with verisign
3) Check that the certificate is who they say they are

This system is not fool proof but it is better than a lot of things out there.  Prior to OFX Home I came across OFX server information on blogs or on publicly edited wikis.  I think this is a vast improvement.


I updated the URL.  Thanks for the info.


What happens when you issue this request?

Your OFX request looks basically correct.  You probably want an APPVER of 1900 instead of 0900.  You may also try dropping the CLTCOOKIE and TRNUID tags and see how that goes.



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One quick note.  Your method will work on windows where the newline is a \r\n.  It may not work under unix environments which only use a \n.  You may have better luck explicitly joining the strings with a \r\n.

Yes it should.  You can also subscribe to topics if you were not the original poster.