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Another one bites the dust - and we all lose. R.I.P.

Looks like they moved to a new banking system. sad  Probably MX. Does anyone have new connection details that work?


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I got things working again last week by updating headers as suggested above. This week it is broken again. Getting error code 2003. Weird error message though. The error message is "Login Successful". Anyone else having a similar issue?


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It broke, I had it working again for a while, now I'm getting "Error: HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable"

I wonder if they have blocked my IP. I've tried other IPs though and get the same result.


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Is anyone having success with Chase lately? I keep getting the following error:

                        "STATUS": {
                            "CODE": "15510",
                            "SEVERITY": "ERROR",
                            "MESSAGE": "Please verify your identity within the next 7 days. Using your desktop computer, go to your bank\ufffds website and visit the Secure Message Center for instructions."

I got into my account dashboard and there a message to verify that I want to enable PFM. I do that, but it doesn't seem to help. I just keep getting the same error.


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Man they keep blocking my IP address for my budgeting application. Anyone else experience this issue?


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Yeah, I haven't been able to get transactions since Nov. 2018. I guess so much for using my Costco card. I won't support banks who won't support OFX.


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It is very hit and miss for me - basically depends on what server I try to hit it from. I can hit it from home for now and it works. It was working yesterday from a Digital Ocean box. Today I tried a heroku app. It worked for a bit, then I started getting the access denied error.

"<HTML><HEAD>\n<TITLE>Access Denied</TITLE>\n</HEAD><BODY>\n<H1>Access Denied</H1>\n \nYou don't have permission to access \"http&#58;&#47;&#47;www&#46;accountonline&#46;com&#47;cards&#47;svc&#47;CitiOfxManager&#46;do\" on this server.<P>\nReference&#32;&#35;18&#46;5cbef748&#46;1509862433&#46;2dd98f65\n</BODY>\n</HTML>\n"


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Mine is dead as well - at least on my site. It seems a lot of OFX servers are blocking my budgeting site from downloading because I can download from my computer just fine. Arg!


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I don't know how the test tool gets a success everyday. I get an error just trying to connect to the URL.


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I've started getting numerous reports this week the OFX is not working for USAA bank. I've been trying to test it and I just keep getting a 403 Forbidden error message. Can anyone confirm that USAA is working for them still?

Error 15500 means "Signon Invalid". Sometimes the OFX server uses a different username & password/pin that your account. I would first try to contact your bank and ask them if you have OFX direct connect enabled (or ask if they have direct connect for quicken enabled as they may not understand what OFX means) and ask if you have a different username & password for it.

Mint uses Yodlees service (at least they did int he past) where they collect your bank login information including security questions and answers. They log in as you and download your transaction file and parse it, so it's not really comparing apples to apples here.

If contacting the bank doesn't resolve anything let me know. You can contact me directly on my contact page: https://inzolo.com/contact/

FYI: I had a customer that called Bank of America and enabled OFX. They only enabled it for QuickBooks and not Quicken so I had to set APPID to QBW and APPVER to 1800 to get it to work.


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I'm glad to see ING Direct is now supporting OFX direct connect again.


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Where do you get your FI data? I notice that many banks are listed at http://web.intuit.com/personal/quicken/ … id=qbm1600 that support direct connect, but I can't locate their FI ID, FI Org & FI Url information.


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I would like to volunteer as a moderator. I created Inzolo.com and I support OFX direct connect on my site. I often refer people here when they are looking for their bank.


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What? When did ING Direct get OFX support. I cancelled my account with them because they didn't have it!

Looks like their url doesn't work. Does anyone have an updated URL for them?


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Thanks for this information! I haven't been getting transactions for a week and it really screwed up my budget!


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I cancelled my ING Direct account because they don't have an OFX server. Can anyone recommend an online savings account with OFX support?


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OFX support works great! Thanks!

OFX support works beautifully! Thanks AFCU. Best Bank EVER!