To ofxisfun : ) ,

are you sure that if my FI supports 2.1.x then I don't have to specify the card number, even if I'm NOT using "1-WAY OFX", but using the REGULAR credit cards statements download (with the <CCSTMTRQ> aggregate)?

or maybe your answer was just about the option of using "1-WAY OFX"?


I've checked with Amex. the don't support 2.1.x,  just 2.0.3

great, thanks!

for now I'm using AMEX, but I might exapnd it.
what you mean is that if the FI supports 2.1.x then i don't have to specify the acctid in the <CCSTMTRQ> aggregate? and can download at once statements of all the credit cards this user have?


anybody?  : )

didn't any of you get into that issue?

hope for answers,

Hi everyone,

I implemented a client to request credit card statements downloads.
I'm using the <CCSTMTRQ> aggregate, of course.

I cannot find answer to one question:

is the <acctid> must be supplied in the <CCSTMTRQ>? or can I left the account id blank, and get stataments from all credit cards this user have?

(I read in the spec, regards the AUTOMATIC 1-WAY OFX, that:
"If the client does not include the <ACCTID> tag, the client is requesting statement data for all accounts associated with this <USERID> available via <OFX> download from the website."
is this correct also when using the <CCSTMTRQ> aggregate?)

I'll really appreciate answer to this question, from whom knows it..