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Before being able to connect, you need to go to the 'My Info' section of ING Direct and enable Personal Finance Access Code.  You then use this code instead of your password when connecting via GnuCash, Microsoft Money, etc.


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Is it a requirement to pay Chase's monthly fee in order to download transactions using this method?

If you log in to the Chase website, and go to download transactions, it will ask if you want to download 'Now (no charge)' or 'Activate Direct Access through the PFM service ($9.95/month)'
The description:
Designed for those who use PFM software to retrieve account information and pay bills directly from the software. You'll be able to retrieve the activity for most of your Chase accounts at one time. We may charge a fee for this service depending on your account type. Read the Addendum and Additional Banking Services and Fees [help with this feature, link opens in new window] for details.