I know from an Amazon support document that Synchrony supports OFX Direct Connect now.

How do I find out what the connection settings are so that I can do it myself?

Turns out it was due to password problems

Is anyone else getting the same error?


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I was told by a phone support person about a week ago that they were no longer supporting automatic OFX downloads. This after I heard the same message from them about needing a code to be re-authenticated. Their OFX server is still giving that message about re-authentication.
I've sent a message through their message system asking them to confirm this (maybe the phone person didn't really understand?), but no reply.
Even worse is that the OFX files that you download from their website have errors (they sometimes duplicate FITIDs).

I fixed this in the end by reducing the number of days transactions that I was requesting


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I'm talking about the fidelity brokerage ofxs btw


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I'm getting ofx files without a poslist, however all my positions are 0 at the moment so I'm not sure if this is normal. Is anyone getting poslists?

the balances are correct but the transactions stop 2 months before the current date

Since October Fidelity has been sending transactions lists (to me) that are about 5 weeks out of date. The reported position lists are correct.

Does anyone know who to get in contact with at Fidelity to resolve this? Or is there a legitimate reason for this?