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> I checked with them about a month ago

You might want to stay on top of them.  If they think you aren't really interested, it can be easier for them to write you off.  Perhaps I should call the same person?

If it helps, you could describe yourself as an administrator for a group of developers.  That would allow you to grant access to the materials for other "ofxhome" developers (like me).  Might save them some aggravation.

My expectation however is that they're not going to let us in.  I'm with you that it's my data that they're making harder to access.  But from their MBA's point of view, they're "monetizing information" and won't see any benefit (for them) to open source or home user development.

As for Fidelity, have you been thru their developer process?  It doesn't strike me as being any more welcoming.


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As others have mentioned, Schwab seems to have changed something in mid-October of 2020.  As you can see, OFX validation on that link has failed every day since October 21st.

It's possible they changed something simple (like a different FI ID) something medium (like upgrading to OFX 2.3), or they may have gone a different way entirely and no longer use OFX.  It's hard to guess from the outside.

Has anyone gone thru Schwab's developer process that "dbuser" mentions above?  I started to, but eventually it asks for "company" information, including your DUNS number.  Getting a DUNS number costs a couple hundred dollars, so I'm not likely to pursue this myself, even if I had a company I could use for this.

That fact that Schwab's docs talk about having one of their people review the application suggests that getting this approved for home use is going to present some challenges.


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I was having problems downloading transactions from Chase using PocketSense.  I spoke to customer service who told me that Chase only supports Quicken/Quickbooks.  However, I then:

1) Went to Chase's "Customer Center" and under "Reference Center/Tools" I selected "Activate Quicken, Quickbooks, etc".
2) Changed my configuration to use ofx 103 instead of 102 (by adding ofxVer to the site in sites.dat).

That seems to have solved my problem.  FWIW.


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Well, now I'm really confused.

The good news is that PocketSense does indeed work.  The bad news is I can't figure out why mine doesn't.

My first thought was that I was sending (or not sending) some field that was causing Chase to reject the call.  Turns out that's not it.  I can output the exact same string, and it still doesn't work.

My next thought was there was some difference in headers (Accept, ContentType, etc).  But nope, that's not it either.

I've experimented with Expect100Continue, but nope.

I'm not sure what that leaves.


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I'll have to download/install it and see what it does different.

Thanks for the info.


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What program are you using that with?  PocketSense?


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As of about the end of January 2014, my ofx application which has worked for months is no longer able to retrieve ofx info from Chase credit card (other institutions continue to work correctly).

My request is (roughly):



The "response" I get is that "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive."

The c# code looks like this:

ServicePointManager.Expect100Continue = false;
HttpWebRequest ofxUrl = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(acct.FinancialInstitution.Url);
ofxUrl.Method = "POST";
ofxUrl.Accept = "*/*, application/x-ofx";
ofxUrl.ContentType = "application/x-ofx";
ofxUrl.ContentLength = query.Length;

// Write POST data
    using (Stream ps = ofxUrl.GetRequestStream())
        using (TextWriter output = new StreamWriter(ps))

    // Get result
    HttpWebResponse resp = (HttpWebResponse)ofxUrl.GetResponse();

The GetResponse throws the exception.

I've tried fiddling with things (use NONE for NEWFILEUID, omit DTSTART/DTEND, omit acct #, Expect100Continue true/false, update APPVER, etc), but nothing helps.  My uid/pw does work correctly when logging into the Chase website.

I see that ofxhome reports that things are working, but trying OfxGet also fails.

I could use some ideas, clues, pointers, guesses etc.  What does ofxhome do for "validation?"