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ymx3 wrote:

I use a third party accounting software for my business that used to be compatible with Chase OFX direct downloads, but as everyone has posted above, as of November 2015 it stopped working.  The developer has given up. Does anyone have any suggestions I could give them?

Right now the only thing I can update on my end as a user is the FIID, FIOrg, and FIUrl.  I don't have access to change the header to 103, although I asked the developer and they said they tried it.  Any thoughts? Thanks so much.

I think that you would want to request that they increase the version to 103 AND pass the Client ID (uuid). You will then need to approve the client via the Chase website, assuming your experience will be the same as others have reported. Take a look at the recent notes in this thread relating to aqbanking, as these may be helpful for your developer.

Also: http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.g … user/63293


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imbellish wrote:
jrleek80 wrote:

As of November 2015, Chase now requires users to have a Client User ID, and use header version 103.  These instructions for GnuCash were found on the GnuCash user's list:

On Ubuntu I created a UUID in a terminal with
uuidgen.  One can probably edit ~/.aqbanking/settings/users/<xxx.conf>
directly, but I used the wizard.

It always takes me a while to find where the aqbanking settings are
within gnucash; so here it is.

Start Tools/Online Banking Setup, Forward, Start AqBanking Wizard, Edit
User, User Settings, then paste the UUID.

Then in the same Edit User dialog, select Application Settings, and set
the Header version to 103.

I then downloaded some data (not all), so I then logged onto the web
site, read the secure message and activated the
account.  Now it's working.

Confirmed! Worked for me too. Thanks, jrleek80

This likewise worked for me!

I was getting an incorrect login/password error with aqbanking using the default setup for Chase (credit card).

I enabled PFM on my Chase account as indicated.

I set the aqbanking settings for version to 103 and generated and set the Client ID to one that I generated using uuidgen also as indicated.

I then attempted to login and received a different sign-on error than the login/password error I was receiving before.

Shortly after, I received an e-mail from Chase with the subject "Action Required for Quicken or QuickBooks users" requiring me to login to the Chase Secure Message Center and click a link to authenticate the uuid that I previously generated.  NOTE: It can take some time for the e-mail or secure message center message to come through -- in my experience about 5-10 minutes.

After clicking the link the secure message, I was able to login successfully and interact with my account via aqbanking.

Thank you very much for the tip!