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I was able to get this working again by changing the Accept headers to


as suggested here.


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Request info:

DEBUG:root:---- request headers ----
DEBUG:root:Content-Type: application/ofx
DEBUG:root:Host: online.americanexpress.com
DEBUG:root:Content-Length: 390
DEBUG:root:Connection: Keep-Alive
DEBUG:root:Accept: */*, application/x-ofx
DEBUG:root:User-Agent: httpclient


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I'm also getting 403 Forbidden. Looks like it hasn't been working for me since 5/24. This is what I get from

ofxclient -v

when I try to add an account:

DEBUG:root:---- response ----
DEBUG:root:{'fp': None, 'status': 403, 'will_close': True, 'chunk_left': 'UNKNOWN', 'length': 0, 'strict': 0, 'reason': 'Forbidden', 'version': 11, 'debuglevel': 0, 'msg': <httplib.HTTPMessage instance at 0x10b7303f8>, 'chunked': 0, '_method': u'POST'}
authentication failed: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'find'