Topic: Web Service Interface?

Is there somewhere I can make a web service call to access the OFX institution directory?  I'd like to make just a REST call to get back this directory in XML format or something.  Or SOAP, or whatever.

Or am I going to have to screen scrape?

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Re: Web Service Interface?

I'm seeing more and more financial applications using OFX as their means of downloading.  Most of them have a nice list of institutions and their connect info.  I too have not been successful at finding where this data is hidden on the Internet.  OFX home seems to be a great place to get this info but there is no programmatic means to get this data to use in applications.  Is there such an interface such as a web service that previous poster asked about?

Does Microsoft provide a means to get this data?  I see where people use the Money links to get it but does MS allow this without legal ramifications?

Re: Web Service Interface?

There is in fact a web service to use.  The ofxget application works entirely through the web service.  I have not finalized the interface yet so it is not published.

If you would like to try it out please send me an email (button is to the left).