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It appears that they have updated their SSL Certificate.
How is this verified and updated here?

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Getting an SSL validation error since March 1, 2011.

How does this get resolved?

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The issue is that returns an HTTP error 501 - not implemented.

Does anyone know the proper URL?

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That OFX URL is correct.

Be sure to use ACCTID using the format listed here: … kbooks.cfm

Account Type    Format
Savings    XXXXXX-X.1:SHR
Money Market Savings    XXXXXX-X.7:SEC
Checking    XXXXXX-X.9:CHK
Loan 1    XXXXXX-X.1:LN1
Visa Platinum    XXXXXX-X.6:VPL

For example, if you account number is 1234567 (most are 7 digits long??), and it is a checking account, then use: 123456-7.9:CHK (so you add a dash before the last digit, and append ".9:CHK" for a checking account. I have yet to try the other account types).

Also, I am using APPID QWIN, and APPVER 2300.
TRNUID doesn't appear to mean much for this banking institution. (just set it to something).

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As of yesterday I started getting timeouts when connecting to using a Python script that I wrote myself. Times out after 60 seconds. I haven't started talking to AFCU yet, I'm willing to wait a few days to see if it clears up.

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I did find this post: … ver-change. It seems like they have changed their OFX server but I can't get either URL to work for me.

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So I was able to get this url to work:
And this is what I had to change in my OFX post:
USERPASS is the the password you use for online access
FI ID is 1001
ACCTID is your account number followed by "~9" (this is for a checking account)

And I was able to determine most of this by downloading an OFX file for my account and looking through it in a text editor.