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Topic: BB&T

FID should be blank.

Re: BB&T

I had success using BB&T (encoded from BB&T) for both ORG and FID.

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The fid for this entry isn't encoded properly as XML.

The xml is <fid>BB&T</fid> but the & should be encoded as &amp;

It should be <fid>BB&amp;T</fid>.

Re: BB&T

Is anyone else having problems connecting to bbt.  Been connecting for the last year with no problem and yesterday just quick working. err returned is:

[500] Could not execute specified command: OFX server error (2000): General Error

  here are my settings

AppID = "QWIN"
AppVersion = "1700"
OFXVersion = "102"
Org = BB&T
URL = eftx.bbt.com/eftxweb/access.ofx

something is going on with the bbt lookup on ofx.. look here.