Topic: Bank data access error

Hi Jesse,  i want to access my Bank of America (California) | 635  through ofxget.jnlp with my proper user-id, account-no and password. But get the  [ access denied(java.lang.RuntimePermission ...)] message.
Could you please tell me what is the other configurations or settings, that i have to check to download my bank data.

Re: Bank data access error

Unless ofxget has recently been modified to also get banking transactions, Bank of America (California) is never going to work.  ofxget gets investment transactions.  You need to check your listing page has investment Yes & Security List Yes in the profile table, like this one:

Not to say that this is the actual problem here, just that if not there is one right behind this one.

Re: Bank data access error

thanks a lot for your replay but i haven't got any investment OR Security list in link page.
is any other way to add those tab in my listing page.
thanks in adv.