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Any reason no FI ID appears for T Rowe Price? I've found (through separate resources) both 7775 and 5505 - neither of which give me anything other than a 400 - Bad Request error in the OFX headers.

Would appreciate any insight anyone might have.


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Can you try org = "T. Rowe Price" (no quotes) and fid = 40109?


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Attempted - still getting "151: HTTP protocol error. 400 Bad Request." I'm just trying to query some FI Profile info, and using the anonymous password (plus 0s), but even when using my actual account info, I'm still getting this error. I saw another list providing a separate website for T. Rowe Price brokerage stuff and FI_Org was just TRP, but I gave that a try and got the same result also. Will keep playing with it.

Of note, I was able to get into the brokerage using T. Rowe Price's Brokerage address, which is separate from regular T. Rowe Price.

FI_Id: 016

Supports anonymous Signon for the Info Request.


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Latest - when I leave out the FI_Id, it connects, though I'm not seeing all of my data with TRP (only the mutual fund stuff). Weird.

El Deuce

UPDATE - finally able to nail this one down. For Brokerage data (held by Pershing LLC), you need to use the 016 / TRP / cgi information as listed. However I was only ever able to get this to connect using OFX Version 1.0.3. I was trying 1.0.2, 2.0.1, and 2.1.1, all to no avail, but "103" got it working perfectly. All great until they change...

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As of about mid September 2021, something changed at T. Rowe Price and their OFX interface stopped working as noted here on OFX Home.  Over the last few months I called T. Rowe Price and did some further investigation that led to a solution for me using the PocketSense OFX scripts ( see ).

    SiteName     : T. Rowe Price
    AcctType     : INVSTMT    #investment
    fiorg        : T. Rowe Price
    url          : … fx-request
    brokerid     :
    ofxVer       : 102
    appid        : QWIN
    appver       : 2700
    dtAcctUp     : 19900101

Cheers, David