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trying to squeeze the OFX parameters for their "new" brokerage OFX (as of Oct 2012) out of Ameriprise support, without any luck because they support only Quicken now; has anyone else struggled with this?  Any ideas for hacking those parameters out of Quicken since their tables must have the info...

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I'm just trying Ameriprise now, also with no luck.  However, have you tried since they instituted the new validation page?  It looks like you have to try quicken once, then go to, log in there to verify credentials, and then try again with quicken (or whatever non-quicken you are using).  Unfortunately, after doing that, I am still getting the error 2000, "Ameripirse Financial is unable to fulfill your request at this time.  Please try again later."  I wonder if it's one of those sites where you need to change the password?  I wouldn't think so, since it's the same username/password as for web access, but I have no other ideas.  I've tried idenitfying as Quicken 2014, 2013, and 2012,  with both 102 and 103 versions - always the same error.

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thanks for the reply, but after a long process of working w/ Ameriprise support it is clear that the auto download will not work with the new Ameriprise security; however I can easily download a qfx file and it imports into my software in seconds - no problem

thanks for the reply!

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Well, it''s now three and a half years later, and I must have given up then, because I'm having the same problem again now.  However, in the error message after logging in at the .../quicken page, I get "Insertion into EEPM failed." which produces nothing useful on Google.  I also point out that the initial connection fails if you include a ClientUUID, but not if you don't.  (It still fails, but with the message to go to the ..../quicken page).

Has anyone succeeded in getting ofxdirect connect to work with Ameriprise?