Topic: Investment Balance data - account names returned


I have an app where I want to pull in the latest balance data from various institutions. In testing I connect to Fidelity and Fidelity NetBenefits.
What I see is that the account names returned are different and I assume each institution can return whatever they call their accounts.
Here is an example:
Fidelity ( returns:
Security #0: Networth - 254,505.00

where Fidelity NetBenefits ( returns:
Security #0: MarketValue - 126,168.55
Security #1: VestedValue - 126,168.55

It the first case I need to pull the "Networth" value, but in the second case I need the "VestedValue" value.

How is everyone handling this issue? I assume if I connect to Schwab, or any one else, there account names will be different still.
Is it safe to scan the accounts returned and just take the one with the highest balance?

Thanks in advance,