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I get no error in getting the ofx file downloaded. However, the file has no data in it and Money does not recognize it.

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The URL listed for PNC Bank is wrong. I was not able to successfully get any transaction data at the listed URL.

The correct URL that I was able to get transaction data successfully from was

An Admin should change this URL to the correct one.

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I tried the URL from the previous post ( and I keep getting the 15500 error.  This is my first time with OFX.  Are there any other gotchas that I need to be made aware of?  Do I need to set anything up with PNC beforehand?  Has anybody else had any success with PNC recently?  Below is my request that is returning the 15500 error.  I am using C# code I found in another thread to construct the request.  Any help is much appreciated!



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>I am trying to download an .ofx from a personal account I have with PNC Bank VirtualWallet using Ofxget. I've tried with and without my Account Number, since its optional, however the .ofx file that is returned does not contain any transactions. Why would this be? When I manually download the .QFX that PNC offers it does show all my transactions.

If I try to visit the page simply says "Unknown error or not supported!"