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Topic: Forum is Getting Spammed

The Ofx Home Forum is getting spammed fairly heavily. I registered and marked several messages as "content spam." Perhaps it is time to update your anti-spam defenses. We had to at our site, and it has helped quite a bit. If you want to know what we did, send me an email, or register at our forum (below).

The reason this is important is that we make PalOMoney to restore online functionality to Microsoft Money, and are now referring our users to your site to obtain up to date OFX connection data. However, it is essential that the 1) OFX connection data is correct and can be trusted, and 2) that the forums remain active and uncluttered so issues can be reported and resolved.

If your site is still actively interested in providing this service to individuals, and can implement some security measures to protect the site and data, this would be great. Otherwise, our site would have to provide and maintain this data, which is a significant task.

PalOMoney is proprietary software. Currently, our "find" button just opens your site to the search page, which means the user has to search, cut, and paste. We hope that is acceptable use of your site, if not we will require the user to enter a similar URL to open on their own. We also are interested in integrating your API directly into our software. You would get full credit.

This is really the best if not only site for this data. Perhaps PalOMoney.com can provide some assistance in some way.

As another project, we would particularly like to develop a method to validate provider data from whatever source. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this, please respond to this post or register and post to our forums at the link above.