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Topic: Barclaycard

Hi all,
I have almost every bank set up to download into my MS Money using Pocketsense. However, I cannot get the correct data to let me download my Barclay Bank credit card transactions. I have to go to their website to download as OFX.  I tried calling their bank's technical department, but they acted a little clueless and said they don't support this. Does anyone have the correct data for this institution that would help me directly download into MS Money?

The main login website is  barclaycardus.com.

And I found this info below somewhere on the web, but it doesn't work or isn't enough info and I can't even recall where I found it.  Thanks  in advance for any help provided.

    SiteName   : Barclays Capital Inc. Member SIPC
    AcctType   : CCSTMT    #credit card
    fiorg      : Lehman Brothers
    fid        : 921
    url        : https://ofx.lehman.com/eftxweb/access.ofx
    bankid     :
    brokerid   :
    appid      :
    appver     :

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Re: Barclaycard

I have a Barclay Business Card and I use a third party accounting software that allows OFX downloads if I provide the appropriate FIID, FIUrl and FIOrg.  Does anybody have these fields for Barclay Business (I think it's a separate business completely from the consumer side) and if so do you think I'll be successful downloading?