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Topic: Bank of America OFX info incorrect... CORRECT details here

Hi all,

I am the Online Banking (OLB) OFX platform manager at Bank of America.  This site, as of 6/11/14, still reports incorrect information for the Bank of America OFX service for OLB customers.  Please use the following information for your OFX requests to Bank of America for OLB:

URL: https://eftx.bankofamerica.com/eftxweb/access.ofx
FID: 5959

Any other values will result in rejected requests. 

IMO, the only "Bank of America" entry on this site for Online Banking should be "Bank of America."  The URL and org/fid should be corrected to present the above details.

* Bank of America

The rest of these are old, out dated and will just add confusion.  As such, I recommend you remove them.  If not, at least please update the URL and org/fid details to the correct values.

* Bank of America (All except CA, WA,&ID)
* Bank of America (California)
* Bank of America - 5959
* Bank of America - access.ofx (NOTE: This one is listed correctly but could be removed as well if the above entry is corrected first)
* Bank Of America(All except CA,WA,&ID

Aaron D Lewis
Bank of America

Re: Bank of America OFX info incorrect... CORRECT details here

Fixed. Thanks.