Topic: How to resolve a General error (Code 2000, severity "ERROR")?

Hi I'm using Ubuntu 14.10. I can't figure this one out. I have no idea how to resolve it. Any help would be appreciated.

AqBanking v5.4.3.0beta
Sending jobs to the bank(s)
Locking user 107769211
Sending request...
Connecting to server...
Resolving hostname "" ...
IP address is ""
Connecting to ""
Connected to ""
Using old SSL preparation code.
TLS: SSL-Ciphers negotiated: TLS1.2:RSA-ARCFOUR-128:SHA1
TLS: Warning - The server has chosen unsafe SSL-Ciphers!
Sending message...
Message sent.
Waiting for response...
Receiving response...
HTTP-Status: 200 (OK)
Response received.
Disconnecting from server...
Parsing response...
Parsing response
Status for signon request: Success (Code 0, severity "INFO")
The server successfully processed the request.
Status for transaction statement request: General error (Code 2000, severity "ERROR")
Error other than those specified by the remaining error codes. (Note: Servers should provide a more specific error whenever possible. Error code 2000 should be reserved for cases in which a more specific code is not available.)
Unlocking user 107769211
Postprocessing jobs
Job Get Balance: finished
Resetting provider queues

Re: How to resolve a General error (Code 2000, severity "ERROR")?

As you might guess from browsing the forums, these are notoriously difficult to debug, especially due to the lack of useful support from the financial institutions.  One thing which might help is to generate a log of the session.  Sometimes it contains a more useful message that somehow doesn't get surfaced to the user.  To do this, create a file called ofxlog.txt in you home directory.  Then try the connection again - then look at the file.

Some things to consider:
- are you specifying a Quicken version they support?
- do you need to change the password on first use? (I don't know anything other than Quicken itself that can actually do that)
- do you need to enroll or register your account for Quicken access before using it?

If you do succeed, please let us know here, as you are not the only one.


Re: How to resolve a General error (Code 2000, severity "ERROR")?

The xml that's returned from the dump api doesn't have a root element.  Having root element would make it a valid document and easier