Topic: Hudson Valley FCU - validation errors

The entry for Hudson Valley FCU shows the validation of teh URL has been failing for three and a half years.  Some googling suggests they might have replaced "internetbanking" with just "ib" in the ofx url, but I have no good way to test.  Simply changing the URL in KMyMoney for example, gives me a 'no accounts available' error - but as I don't have have any accounts there, I don't know if that is the right response, or it just reflects not finding anything i n the response (which looks like HTML to me, not OFX).

Re: Hudson Valley FCU - validation errors

Bit of a late reply, but the OFX URL '' is working for me.

(It was updated quite a while ago (2015 based on my notes) from

I've got the following ORG and FID in case it helps.

FID: 221979363