Topic: Issues Setting up Fidelity Investments

I'm receiving the following error associated with my Fidelity Investments account:

09:36:36 Retrieving SSL certificate
09:36:36 Connecting to server...
09:36:36 Using GnuTLS default ciphers.
09:36:36 TLS Handshake Error: -12 (A TLS fatal alert has been received.)
09:36:37 Could not connect to server
09:36:37 Could not connect to server, giving up (-66)
09:36:37 Operation finished, you can now close this window.

I see a lot of other users saying fidelity just works, so I'm sure I'm just doing something profoundly stupid.  I'm using the "Start Online Banking Wizard" > Create User > OFX DirectConnect Setup Wizard (with the following information):

Bank Name: Fidelity Investments
Broker Id:
FID: 7776
Server URL:

> [Next] >

I enter in my Username and User ID and leave the Client UID blank.

> [Next] >

and that's when I get the error. 

I'm assuming there needs to be a place I enter my password but I'm never able to get to that point. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank in Advance

Re: Issues Setting up Fidelity Investments

What error are you getting?
Are you using NetBenefits? Then the right URL is

Try ofx_version=102, app_version=2500. Your FID of 7776 is correct.