Topic: Alaska Pacific Bank - have OFXLOG.TXT

I am switching from Quicken to Moneydance and I need the information to manually setup Alaska Pacific Bank. Here is the OFXLOG.TXT entry. I've replaced certain numbers with * in case they are account specific. I tried putting in FSVision as the OFX intitution ORG, Alaska Pacific Bank as the OFX institution ID and the first URL listed under the phone number … o.htm& but all I get is a JAVA error message saying "Error: Got end tag SCRIPT with no matching begin tag" Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
<FID>Alaska Pacific Bank
<ADDR1>2094 Jordan AVe

Re: Alaska Pacific Bank - have OFXLOG.TXT

I do not know the OFX server info for Alaska Pacific Bank.  The FI Id or FID value should be a number.  My best advice is to send an email to your bank or talk to their customer support staff.