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I am trying to access my financial data directly and automatically.  OFX stands for Open Financial Exchange, but there is nothing open about it!  I have been searching the web and contacted banks for an entire month now and have had little success.  I am now starting to get what I need, but there are still a few loop holes.  I have been referred to many, many different financial softwares such as kmymoney, GNUcash, quickbooks, msMoney(now discontinued), and so on...  I have my own financial software that I wrote and all I want to add to it is the ability to download my financial information for my personal and bussiness accounts at the click of a mouse!  I was wondering if there was someone on this earth that could help me and point me off into a constructive direction.  If there is anyone I can call or contact through email, and ask a few questions on the operation of OFX servers, protocol,access codes for my info, etc... it would be greatly appreciated.
I am a programmer that is getting close graduating with my bachelors and so I think I would understand the technical content fairly well.

email is

Re: OFX Logistics

I would suggest you take a look at IBiz E-Banking integrator by /n software:

It worked perfectly for me and their support team is excellent.