Topic: Bank of America California..

Is anybody there that download information fro Bank of America?
I called to Customer services and activated "download data in quickken" it didn't work, any idea?


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Re: Bank of America California..

Using GnuCash 2.3.7 on Ubuntu 9.04.  Thanks to some help from Leeoniya's post here, I was able to configure GnuCash to successfully download my data from Bank of America California.

AqBanking Settings: "General" tab

User Settings
User Name = anything
User ID = Bank of America online login ID

Bank Settings
Country: US
Bank ID: routing number from my checkbook

AqBanking Settings: "OFX" tab

Bank Settings
FID = 6805

Connection Settings
Server URL = … ename=bofa

Server Options
Supports Account List Download
Supports Statement Download
Supports Bill Pay

Expert Settings
APPVER = 1800

Note the two Expert Settings -- until I read Leeoniya's post and entered these, GnuCash failed every time.  After configuring these two values, things are working. 


-- Eir