Topic: How to create an ofx file

I am the developer of a bespoke accounting system, and I want to export data in the ofx file format. It's standalone application which doesn't need the expense of having webservers, profile severs nor ofx servers. I just want to have the user of our accounting go the export menu and save the file locally that will be given to someone to import into their accounting system. I can't seen to find any details on how to do this. Where do I look?

Re: How to create an ofx file

Hi kit,

There is no magic to creating OFX files.  They are simply text files in a certain format.  The problem is that the format can be quite complicated.  My best advice is to find the specification on and look at sample OFX files to get an idea how it works.  A quick google search turned up a couple of samples: … 39406.html