Topic: Requesting feedback

It has been quite a few months since I have worked on this site.  I had a few bugs to fix but everything seems to be humming along.  I have a few questions if anyone would care to provide feedback:

- I originally designed a way to add new OFX data to the database but I never designed a way to update existing information.  Now that there are several posts in the forum I think it's time to allow updates.  We can allow changing institution data as long as the new OFX and SSL validates.  To avoid abuse only a moderator should be allowed to provide updates.

- Would anyone like to be a moderator?  You will have moderation control over the forum and over the OFX data.

- Any other important topics that I should be aware of?

Thanks.  Jesse.

Re: Requesting feedback

I would like to volunteer as a moderator. I created and I support OFX direct connect on my site. I often refer people here when they are looking for their bank.

Re: Requesting feedback

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