Topic: Security

How secure is the use of ofxget.jnlp?

How can I use it and be sure that my personal bank account information is not used by anyone bu me.

thanks, James

Re: Security

Hi James.  It is quite secure.  No information on your accounts or passwords is transmitted to this site.  The only thing this site "sees" is that you are searching for financial institutions.  When it is time to download the OFX data the ofxget program communicates directly with your bank or brokerage's OFX server using secure sockets.

Re: Security

OK, I tried ofxget, and it quietly did nothing.  I expected some kind of feedback.  I am on a mac.


Re: Security

I dont think there smilewould be any testsmile credentials, thesmile ofx spec does saysmile that you could use smileanonymous as smileusername and password to connect to FIs but I have seen that not all FIs support this.