Topic: Icarra investment tracking software

I have been working on my own investment software for quite some time.  It is finally ready for testing.  Find out more here.  These are the features in brief:

* Import Transactions: Import transactions directly from your brokerage.
* Accurate: Tracks performance for an unlimited number of positions and portfolios. Account for stock splits, dividends, fees, mergers and spinoffs.
* Benchmark: Track your portfolio against a benchmark of your choice.
* Cross platform: Works on Windows, Mac OS X and linux.
* Open Source: Icarra is distributed as open source software under the BSD License. Icarra is built on several standard technologies: Python, sqlite, PyQt.
* Free: Icarra is free during its development phase. When Icarra reaches a stable state it will be released as shareware with a generous license for under $25. Icarra will always be free when installed from source code.

The software is still under development but it is stable and very useful.  I'd like to encourage you to give it a try and let me know your experience.  You can download it at  I would love to hear some feedback, suggestions and criticisms.  Thanks!