Topic: OFXGET does nothing after "download" button clicked

Hello all,
Just curious what I should be seeing after I click the Download button on OFXGET? The button changes state (it goes to solid) for a few seconds then reverts back to its "unclicked" state. I don't see any errors, alerts, or data windows popping up. Pretty much just sits there and stares at me.

Any clues? I'm on a Mac (v10.5.8) with all system files up-to-date.


Re: OFXGET does nothing after "download" button clicked

Which institution are you downloading from?  Can you try again?  A user reported a bug and I just fixed it.

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Re: OFXGET does nothing after "download" button clicked

Hi Jesse,

The institution is WSECU. It looks like I am getting an alert now (HTTP 400 & 500 codes, but no transactions), so your fix must've done something.

When I normally login to WSECU's online banking, the initial login only asks for account number and password. Then, there is an image challenge, so I don't know if that's a factor with OFXGET.