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I've been trying to use a new personal money management package called Moneydance.  It's java based, and has an open API.  That's pretty exciting stuff to a geek like myself.

My bank is Citibank, and boy what a hassle it has been trying to work with them on connectivity issues.  Citibank simply will not speak to you if you aren't using Quicken.  I refuse to use Quicken (...come to find out, Citibank's Level 2 techs prefer iBank, LOL).  So, I spent all of yesterday discovering OFX, and your website proved to be extremely helpful in that regard.

Is there anyone around that knows OFX content?  Once you're allowed OFX direct connect, Citibank techs rely on Quicken to query for the accounts available.  I'm having difficulty getting my savings account downloaded, the OFX server keeps saying "Account Not Found".  Since Citibank claims there are no OFX access restrictions on this account, I'm wondering if I'm asking for the correct ACCTTYPE in the message.  Maybe it's not SAVINGS.  Any idea how I could query for the accounts available and their account types?


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Re: Thank you, Jesse

How does the server respond to an ACCTINFO request?  If it permits it the response would be an itemized list of all accounts available from that login....

[EDIT] As an aside, my bank account has a checking, savings, and credit card associated with it and they all show up as type BANKACCT